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March 14, 2008
Head Wounds
Category: Dreams

I'm not sure whether I'm drooling all over my pillow and then flipping over or what, but I had another dream last night in which I got shot in the head and spent the remainder of the dream bleeding profusely. When it began, I was traveling through a desert with a stranger in search of shelter. Eventually we came upon a gated military installation of sorts, but they refused to let us in... so my loyal companion deduced that they'd have to let us in if one of us were wounded and promptly fired a shot into the back of my skull. I blacked out.

I awoke within the installation, bleeding profusely as an emaciated man straddled me and with his hands pressed against my forehead (the exit wound, apparently) and the base of my skull to stem the flow of blood. Then, suddenly, I found myself sitting at home watching TV -- but still bleeding extensively from the head. The events of the dream were fairly normal from that point onward. I checked my e-mail and did some browsing on the computer, went to Toys 'R' Us in search of some DC Universe Classics figures, and so forth. Except all the while I continued to bleed from the head in two directions and wonder when I would finally die from the blood loss. Yep.

And then, when I finally woke up and returned to sleep, I had some odd dream involving Catherine Keener and Tom Hanks telephoning each other and showering in the woods and hitchhiking in the rain.

My subconscious is very, very strange.

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  • mickelodeon says:

    I'd rather dream about bleeding profusely from the head than dream about Tom Hanks any day of the week. But at least Catherine Keener evens it all out for me, at any rate.

  • dave says:

    You really blacked out and reawokened in a dream? Far out.
    What was worse, getting shot in the head, or watching the dalek/hybrid episode of Dr. Who?

  • Wes says:

    Mickey: I don't think there are too many things that I'd find less desirable than bleeding from the head. If I had the choice, I'd dream about Tom Hanks and Michael Rosenbaum before I'd suffer another sleeping headshot.

    Dave: Yeah -- I black out in dreams fairly regularly. I also frequently have nested dreams in which I wake up from dreams within dreams. Very odd.

    Even in dreams -- provided that one doesn't know one is dreaming, in which case it might be a little less terrifying -- getting shot in the head is probably worse than Doctor Who could ever be.

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