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March 13, 2018
Thoughts on Jessica Jones Season 2

I've finished watching Jessica Jones Season 2. A brief (well, for me), spoiler-free (mostly) review:

The show starts off well. In fact, during the first few episodes, I thought it had the potential to surpass even S1, at least in terms of my enjoyment of it. (And I really, really liked JJ S1, so that's saying something.)

But then -- like most of the Netflix Marvel shows (JJ S1 is probably the only one I wouldn't immediately place in that camp) -- the season falters around the middle. These shows are basically written for 10-episode seasons, so some major reveal or development happens around episodes 6-8 -- something that would effectively lead into an engaging climax and wrapup in the latter two episodes. But with these 13-episode seasons, it's like the writers realize at that midpoint that they need to actually stretch the show for another three episodes beyond their 10-episode approach -- and so, while interesting things still happen, the pacing slows. The principal protagonist spends several episodes essentially jogging in place as side stories that were compelling as side stories move closer to center stage and morph into plodding affairs that clearly only exist to pad out the show. By the time we reach the actual conclusion, it feels forced. It's especially baffling that, even with those extra episodes to bring it to fruition, the ending of JJ S2 still feels silly and rushed.

Also -- mild spoiler -- Episode 11 is almost entirely filler and would probably be absent (or condensed to a single five-minute "soliloquy") in a more tightly plotted season, but it's also super fanservice-y in a way that makes it fun to watch. My main problem is that a show can really only do an episode like this once without it coming across as gimmicky and tired, and I feel like this was arguably too soon. Dexter had a similar episode, but that show waited until S6 to do it -- and the distance not only served to make it a welcome callback to earlier days, but also to highlight the growth (or the lingering insecurities and unresolved issues?) of the character and the changes to the show's landscape in the intervening seasons. But for JJ to have an episode like this now, so soon after the first season, just sort of underscores how ultimately inferior this second season is by comparison.

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