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March 13, 2011
Totally Crushing: Helen Cutter
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You don't even want to know how long this post has been in draft status -- though there are a couple of posts that have been there even longer. Anyway, here's the latest (but unfortunately not the late-est) Totally Crushing entry: Helen Cutter!

Cleavage and a kerchief. What's not to love?

Played by Juliet Aubrey, Helen Cutter was the primary antagonist in the British sci-fi show "Primeval" -- or at least she was during Series' 2 and 3. In Series 1 she was a constant but not entirely malevolent presence (she saved the life of one of the core characters), and she was sadly absent in Series 4 due to her death at the claws of a suicidal velociraptor (and gravity) in the Series 3 finale. I wept bitterly.


As the wife of Professor Nick Cutter, leader of the good guys -- which earned her the nickname "Evil Wifey" from our viewing circle -- Helen was particularly effective in her efforts to manipulate and just generally screw with the show's protagonists. How messed up would you be if your missing wife suddenly showed up and started stalking you eight years later?


At the end of Series 1, it was further revealed that Helen had had an affair with another of the good guys (the best friend of her husband, no less), which made her come across as even more of a bitch. And then in Series 3 she shot her husband dead, which prompted another of the main characters to quit the team... at which point the show became completely horrible.


But even though she totally ruined the show, who could stay mad at Helen Cutter? Certainly not Wes! Just look at that adorable sneer.

On a cell phone.

Don't be deceived: she's talking about doing something really evil.

Naked in someone's bed!

Aaaand here's Helen before she seduces her husband's best friend again.

With longer hair.

Also, I'm not generally a fan of the woman with long hair, but we'll end the screencaps with a Series 1 pic. And that'll mostly do it for this installment of Totally Crushing...

Helen Cutter and a fancy brachiosaurus!

...except for this. Yep, there's also a Helen Cutter action figure! Actually, there are two -- but in keeping with my preference, I went for the short-haired Series 2 version.

For a look at Helen Cutter in action (and a great Natalie Merchant song), check out this YouTube fan video.

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