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March 13, 2011
Firefox 4.0!
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I am now rocking the program, and getting it set up to my liking -- updating and seeking out new add-ons, replacing my broken theme (with Nuvola, for the time being), changing configuration values, and so forth -- took several hours out of my day that I hadn't planned on losing. So far it's decent. I don't like the removal of the status bar (fortunately, Status-4-Evar restores that functionality), and some of the default options are less than ideal (tabs on top; what's up with that?) -- and the program appears to be a memory hog (which is admittedly nothing new) -- but I haven't had any crashes yet. ((Erm, I think I spoke too soon about the crash thing there... though I'm pretty sure that was due to one of these plugins. Hey, speaking of plugins, dig this crazy WordPress footnote thing!))

So while I guess it's good that I got this out of the way now, I'm still admittedly a bit peeved that I was forced into an "early" upgrade by one of my plugins. Apparently the developers jumped the gun in readying it for Firefox 4.0, as whatever they did to it made it incompatible with the current version. It wasn't even really an essential program, but it screwed with the order of my context menus such that I kept duplicating tabs when all I really wanted to do was close them! Pretty annoying.

Anyway, yeah, the new version is up and running and everything seems to be mostly okay, though I'm sure I'll still be tweaking it and adding new plugins in the coming weeks. Even with the changes, I still like Firefox much more than Google Chrome or IE... but perhaps that's because I've been using it for roughly a decade now.

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  • Mickelodeon says:

    I'd like to try Chrome, but can't run it on my Mac, due to something or other having to do with the computer. I think maybe it's because I've got a PowerPC processor. Anyway, I'm just glad I can run FF again; for a while, it was pretty much unusable and frankly, Safari sucks and so does Camino, IMO. FF FTW!

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