Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
March 1, 2009
Wes needs blah blah blah
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So, with this current bout of illness, my hours are really screwy again -- I feel pretty crappy during the day but more/less okay at night, so I've been sleeping during the daylight hours and waking up after the sun sets. It's like I draw energy from the darkness or something -- the sun is up now and I feel like I'm ready to collapse from exhaustion. I think I'm yawning, but then I can't necessarily tell the difference since my nose is clogging considerably, forcing me to breathe through my mouth... and not in the good way inspired by boot-wearing companions.

Anyway, since I'd like to clear away some Firefox windows before I go to bed, here's a Facebook meme that I started to do a few days ago and then didn't finish. I'm posting it here, rather than Facebook, since I rarely post on Facebook beyond the status messages. That interface is annoying enough without silly memes from insignificant Wes popping up on your pages.

So for this meme, you google your name with the word "needs" after it and post the first ten results (no duplicates!) that come up. I'm going to do eleven... just because. I will also add comments afterwards... again, just because. Because, because, because, because, because.

1. Wes needs a hug.

This is probably true, though that would of course depend upon who or what would be doing the hugging. I once had a dream that the devil was trying to embrace me in an elevator. Not the sexy Liz Hurley devil or even the traditional red guy with horns devil, either... this was a horned dude in an ash grey suit with his face in the process of melting the flip off. Needless to say, I was not especially receptive to his advances.

2. Wes needs regular nose maintenance.

Doesn't everyone?

3. Wes needs to be banned!

I've heard that tune before... I hate the song, but I know it by heart.

4. Wes needs this tech makeover.

Sounds lovely.

5. Wes needs to get on The Daily Show stat and tell Jon what the democratic message is!

Ah, but there are far better persons suited to that task than myself! This, of course, came from a post in which the author was referring to General Wesley Clark.

6. WES needs model for navigation studies.

As long as it transforms into a robot, I'll take it.

7. Wes Needs A New Dartboard

And new photos of insipid celebrities to attach to it.

8. Wes needs more weird chips, please.

Oddly enough, weird chips don't taste terribly strange.

9. Wes Needs Pottery Glass Porcelain.

As long as it transforms into a robot, I'll take it.

10. Wes needs 11 more Wesbians

YES! But why only eleven? I'll take as many Wesbians as I can find, baby.

11. Wes needs to come back.

No. The way I feel right now (and the way I always feel, for that matter), I need to go away. I need to go somewhere far, far away and never return. 🙁

That's kind of a sad note on which to end this post, so I'll add one more need of my own (you know, besides a fulfilling job, writing inspiration, less hatred and disgust directed at me, and the like): Wes needs this figure. I know very little about the character (apparently she's one of the "artists" for a singing synthesizer, which sounds pretty darned interesting), but she's well articulated, has blue hair, and has great taste in fashion. She's also an import figure that costs much more than I'm willing to pay for an action figure that isn't a highly-detailed and fairly large pink elephant (or a silver Ninja Turtle with a blue Wolverine mask), so it's safe to say I won't be adding her to my collection any time... ever.

Barring unexpected eBay bargains, that is.

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