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February 22, 2013
It's been ages...
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I guess I'd kinda forgotten about Wesoteric, huh? This site's kinda gotten lost in the shuffle with all the Facebook/Twitter/tumblr experiments I've been doing lately, but I'm totally keeping my domain and hope to resume posting here soon. I also need to grab the appropriate plugins to synch all of these things up, but in the meantime feel free to follow me on Twitter at @WesCrayon. Scary-Crayon also has a separate Twitter feed at @ScaaaryCrayon; I'm trying to keep things separate to some extent, or at least to keep my personal stuff off of SC.

To that end, I've created a second tumblr account -- (someone had already taken "wesoteric" on Twitter) -- though there's nothing on it yet as I've mostly been posting under the SC tumblr feed. Apparently tumblr won't let me comment on entries under the wesoteric account (it's a sub-account under the main SC one), but at least comments aren't forced on all (seven) of my followers who are ostensibly more interested in the site than me. (And despite the overlap; sometimes SC articles have very personal digressions... as in the Paperman review. I questioned the wisdom of that, but then? Fuck it; maybe it'll give someone a chuckle or inspire some deeper thinking on someone's part.)

Oh, and while I'm rambling, here's a video of me and Bacardi. I was testing the video capabilities of the smartphone I got for Xmas (yes, I have a smartphone now) -- still need to figure out how to get it to focus on closeup items -- and Bacardi came over and wanted to get in on the action. He usually runs away from cameras, but I guess he doesn't recognize the smartphone as being one! Anyway, heeeere.

And that's all for this post. More to come, soon! I hope.

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