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February 21, 2012
People like dogs better than Rihanna.
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It's recently occurred to me that, while I often feel like I'm not doing enough writing, I actually do quite a lot of it! I spend a lot of time browsing and posting at length on various forums, and I frequently leave not insubstantial comments on web articles and blog posts that I read... to say nothing of all of the stuff that I throw out on Facebook and the like. Having realized this, I'm going to stop posting to these places so much and instead post what I would have written here and on Scary-Crayon -- which will hopefully let me keep better track of my writing while adding to the content on my own sites.

To that end, I'm going to kick off by reposting some of the stuff I added to a Facebook discussion last week, since I thought it was pretty hilarious. A friend posted about the disparity regarding how people respond to Michael Vick (the NFL player who was involved with a dog fighting ring and is apparently still routinely criticized for it despite serving his time) and Chris Brown (who assaulted Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time, yet was cheered and awarded at the Grammy Awards), expressing frustration over comments like these and wondering how people can curse Vick while celebrating Brown. My contributions to the discussion included:

[In response to the initial question] People like dogs better than Rihanna.

...Also, Rihanna has a lot of songs in which she sings about enjoying being beaten... so it's easier for people to forgive Chris Brown when it seems like he just got a little overzealous about pleasing his woman.

[In response to a comment that the nature of her songs makes one wonder if Rihanna simply forgot the safe word] LOL at her forgetting the safe word! Chris Brown is serious about his play -- bleeding from the face is not sufficient to halt his groove.

[In response to a comment that suggesting Rihanna was at all to blame in this context is like saying a rape victim was asking for it because of how she was dressed]'s more like saying a rape victim was maybe possibly asking for it if, after being released from the hospital, she writes songs about how she enjoys going to bars and wiggling her naked arse at drunk ex-convicts.

[In response to a post commenting about the nature and extent of the injuries Brown inflicted on Rihanna] Wait, he bit her face? The willingness to forgive Chris Brown but not Michael Vick makes even more sense now -- human faces are way more delicious than dog fights are entertaining. Heck, Mike Tyson was willing to tank his career for a sweet taste of ear alone.

[Finally, in response to a question about why we were even discussing the topic] (Also, why am I wasting time talking about this? I find it kinda hilarious, and the topic is fertile ground for my brand of humor. 😀 But yeah, people can be pretty ridiculous and how they respond to things doesn't always make sense.)

Okay, maybe you won't find those remarks to be that hilarious or clever -- they were funnier in the context of the discussion, I swear, and you probably also have to be a little sick to enjoy them -- but you have to grant the final point! Anyway, it's kind of a shame that so many witty and insightful remarks from me are lost to the chaotic neverending flow of the web, so yeah... I'm going to do a better job of posting them to my own corner so as to preserve my remarks for the future AI programmers who will inevitably want to imbue a chat bot with some approximation of my personality.

In this way, I shall be immortal. 😉

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