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February 17, 2004
Scary-Crayon updated!
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Two things.

First, Dusty Plastic HELL #2 is up. Read, enjoy. And while it may seem like I wrote it specifically to coincide with the second update, that's not true -- this thing has been written for months. It just so happened that I decided to put them both up at the same time. 🙂

Secondly, SC is now accepting PayPal donations! Further details are listed here, in the brief site info section at the bottom of the main page. But to echo what I said there -- if you enjoy SC and really feel compelled to donate, go ahead and make a donation, but it's not at all imperative that you do so. It's totally up to you. Other ways you could help are by donating toys (unlike children's charity organizations, they don't have to be new -- just don't send me toys filled with roaches and anthrax) and other random stuff that needs reviewing, or simply by telling your friends about the site. Even an e-mail with kind and encouraging words would be helpful. But yeah, money helps too, so now you've got a way to throw SC a dollar from time to time. 🙂

In other news, ENNOUSAI is actually spelled with two "N"s. Sorry about that, big guy.

And finally, the quest to obtain SC's mascot is mostly over. Behold my latest ebay acquisition:


Yep, it's amazing -- you would not believe the work I put in to win this thing. I literally sat there reloading the browser window and monitoring the auction intensely during the last 20 mins of it, throwing in my bid when the time remaining got down to 30 seconds. It's called "bid sniping" -- you come in at the last second and outbid people before they have a chance to counter with a higher bid. I felt kinda rotten for doing it, actually. 🙁 But then I looked at the previous auction wins of the guy I outbid, and (I think) it's clear that he only wanted it to try to resell it again at some point. I plan to take the bad boy out and make him a star. So now I don't feel so bad about it. I do feel kinda bad that I'm paying $15+ for a Turtle, though -- but then he is, in animated form, one of SC's top draws. Plus, looking over my collection, I owned six or more versions of all of the turtles except Donatello (only four Dons) -- therefore a Super Donatello helps in making the collection more equal. So I guess it's worth it. And to prove it, expect me to write a 3000+ word review of the damned action figure whenever he shows up.

I'm still planning to make a custom Super Turtle for SC, though. We'll have two! 🙂 Now I just need the head of a Wolverine...or maybe a Batman...?

And I just had a really unpleasant discussion. Parts of it may be useful for an upcoming essay, however -- Dawn and Val have recently done posts involving recollections of their childhood (clicking their names will take you directly to those posts; Dawn's blog index is in the links and I'll probably be adding Val sometime soon, with others) and I want to get in on the action. In short, though, I'm presently very much like I was ten and fifteen years ago. The main difference? I think a lot more about things now, and I'm very quick to pick up on contradictions -- so I know when people are lying to me. As a child, I didn't. I smiled a whole lot more in those days.

Expect a much lengthier post on that someday soon. Hey, maybe it'll even coincide with the official opening of my personal page! 🙂

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