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February 15, 2020
A visit from Bacardi
Category: Dreams

The other night I dreamed Bacardi had gotten into my room and pooped on my floor and kind of rubbed the poop into the carpet. I didn't remember that he had passed, but I did recall that he'd gotten old and kind of not-all-there, so I didn't get mad. I just sighed, said, "It's okay, buddy," and reached to move him out of the way so I could get to cleaning up after him.

But then Bacardi jumped out of the way, darted around me and raced out of my room and down the stairs, and when I reached the foot of the stairs moments afterward I saw him running circles around the living room and dining room like he did in his prime. He responded when I called his name; he gave high fives on command; he snuggled up beside me when I lay down on the floor. When I rolled over onto my stomach and said "kisses" (incidentally not a request I made often in his lifetime, because yuck), Bacardi came around to my face and licked my nose and mouth for several moments while I rubbed his sides and back. And then I woke up smiling, and it took me a bit to remember that Bacardi is gone.

I've heard that one is supposed to avoid the touch of the dead in dreams, but fuck that. It was really nice to play with my little buddy again.

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