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February 6, 2009
Yay, octuplets!
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BBC News: Octuplets mum wanted huge family

Shit like this makes me furious. Admittedly, I tend to look down upon the decision to have children in general -- if you really think about it, the decision is ultimately a selfish one (well, unless one is having a child to serve as a donor for a sick sibling, but that has its own share of ethical issues) -- but this is really disgusting. To put it bluntly, those children came into the world because their mother was a crazy and insecure bitch who needed to be undergoing intensive therapy instead of prenatal care. "Boo-hoo, I'm lonely and need human connection... so I guess I will acquire it by having a buncha embryos implanted and giving birth to a hugga buncha babies! YAY!"

Now, hopefully those kids will have wonderful lives and will never be prompted to dwell upon that reality... but if things don't turn out so well and they actually do end up with not only shitty lives, but also the knowledge that those shitty lives began because their mother fucked up and was fucked up (here, in the psychological sense)? I can't even begin to imagine how angry they'll feel.

Oh, wait, I totally can. Not that this makes me especially unique -- to a certain extent, I think that most people begin to pick up on this when they're teenagers, but fail to accumulate the complexity of thought and/or misfortune required to pursue that inkling in depth and detail -- but... yes.

Instead of tucking 14 children in at night, that woman should be tucked into a straitjacket and thrown into a padded cell.

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  • Jersey Girl says:

    While I don't agree with your opinions of having children in general, I'm with you on this one. I can't think of a more arrogant, narcissistic notion than to decide to have litters of children in order to make yourself feel better. I think she did it to make herself rich and famous, in which case, she's merely using those kids as a meal ticket or stepping stone. There are HUGE risks involved in having multiple children. Those children have a much higher chance of having some sort of disability than kids who were born the old fashioned way - one at a time. And who's going to pay for any medicale care? She's not working! She hoped to cash in on the big bunch o' kids, and almost every single company said NO! No free stuff! And news outlets refused to pay her million dollar demand for an interview.

    Sorry but this stuff pisses me off!!!!! And then stupid Ann Curry says that this woman spends 45 minutes a day holding each child because she knows how important it is to bond like that. 45 minutes a DAY?! That's IT?! Yeah, I'm sure each kid feels the love for the remaining 23 hours and 15 minutes. Someone needs to bitch slap this woman... repeatedly!!!

  • Mickelodeon says:

    I look at Star and Bar and see how they keep my sister and brother-in-law on their toes and wonder how the hell this woman's going to do the same on her own and with twelve more Stars and Bars than my sister!

  • Becky says:

    I'm with you on this particular issue. I saw them on The Today Show this morning (so sick of the story already) and all I could think about was how difficult it was going to be for these kids to have a normal life. I can't believe there was a doctor out there that put so many embroyos in her -- and how did she even pay for it when she already had six kids?

  • Dave says:

    Oh come on, I'm sure they won't all be fucked up. At least a couple of them will probably be fine.

    I have to disagree that having children in general is selfish. It's quantifiable that I now have far far less 'self' time.
    And to that point, having 8 or 14 kids is practically like raising them in an orphanage! A foster home can only have six kids!

  • Dave says:

    BTW, check out the Feb 4. archive of this chick:

  • Jersey Girl says:

    She accepts food stamps and SSI payments for 3 of her other children, who have disabilities. So, we're the ones paying for her kids, even though she doesn't consider those things welfare, she thinks they're necessities. And when 3 of 6 children are already disabled, why go out and have another litter of them? My child has a disability and I don't receive SSI payments for her. I pay for my own child. But somehow we're all supposed to suppor this woman's 14 kids? She's selfish and insane.

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