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February 3, 2004
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Welcome hom, April!

April O'Neil has come home. And at 1/2 off, too! Good deal.

Vampire Hunter...the game

Okay, I really didn't want to buy this one. For one, it's a board game, for two to four players. I don't have any friends, and especially none who live close enough to play, so I'm already out of luck. Moreover, the thing requires four C batteries. FOUR!!! Damned things'll cost more than the game itself. Sigh.

Still, anyone who knows me knows there was no way I could've walked away from the damned thing. Not at $3.99, anyway.

Battle Shell!!!

And yep, April decided to bring along some wheels when she returned to the guys. Behold the BATTLE SHELL. Know what? It kinda sucks. I remember the original Turtle Party Wagon, which I never owned -- that thing had all kinds of special features; a side door with a seat mount, a springboard to launch the Turtles into action (didn't it? maybe I just remember that feature from the cartoon), and I'm sure it did other neat stuff. The new Battle Shell shoots four missiles (with remarkable force, though). Oh, and it's got a "working winch", except that the thing is too heavy for it to actually pull along, so it's really only good for grabbing tiny weapons at a distance -- and even then you'd have to hook it up to the weapon and then let go. That's it. The thing doesn't even have working doors (they're painted on, though) -- it opens at the top and you pile the Turtles in from there. It's basically a glorified storage case with wheels and missiles.

Still, for $7, it was a steal. April herself was $4. So welcome to the team, Battle Shell; may you star in many fun new SC adventures.

In other news, I feel pretty crappy. I was out all day yesterday -- I walked who-knows-how-many-miles and hopped two state lines to find the crap you see above, and carried all of it back -- so I may just be tired. But then I slept quite a bit, and I don't feel tired -- though some kind of exhaustion may not be out of the picture. And then I have been kind of upset with all of my rejections and my inability to write as of late. I do feel better when I'm writing, so hopefully I'll get back to that soon.

Tonight I think maybe I'll try to finish up this Witchcraft XI review for SC -- it won't be htmled and up for a while, but at least I can get the complicated part of it out of the way by finishing the summary of the film. Won't make me feel better -- heck, it could and probably will make me feel worse, given the awfulness of the movie -- but it'll be something to do.

And maybe I'll do some reading tonight. I still need to finish up Albert Camus's The Plague. I should do that, then.

Kind words via e-mail would be nice.

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