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January 31, 2010
Name those... yeah... Part 1!
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SO! I was going through some old graphics folders looking for a photo to include in my latest Scary-Crayon article -- which contains some stuff personal enough that I almost cut it from the piece and posted it here, so readers of my blog who don't typically enjoy SC might still want to check it out -- and I came across a couple of images I thought it might be fun to post. And heck, I thought, we might as well make a game out of it! So see if you can identify the stuff in these pics via the comments (if you like), and I'll post again in a day or so to let you know how you did.

"What happened to the love in lovemaking?"

Back in college, I wrote articles and created some graphics for a student magazine for a couple of semesters -- and this is the graphic I made using some sprites and a background for one particular feature. See if you can guess which two respective games the sprites and background came from! I'll give you a hint -- both games share the same protagonists, and I reviewed one of them on SC (the list of relevant articles is here).


And since today's update also saw me rooting around in my DVD screen capture directory, I figured I'd post this image and challenge you to Name That Ass! That is, I challenge you to guess whose ass that is. And the legs, since they obviously belong to the same person. And I know what you're thinking, Mickey -- that's not the right answer. 😉 In fact, this screencap came from a children's movie made in the 1990s. It currently has an IMDb user rating below 4.0. (If you really wanna play, this search tool may prove useful. It's pretty useful anyway, actually. I just found out about it!)

Okey-doke, post your guesses in the comments -- among whatever else you'd like to write -- and I'll reveal the answers in a few days or so. (And I still haven't forgotten about your questions, Mickey!) Ja!

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  • Mickelodeon says:

    DUDE! TOAD'S PLACE! Oh, the memories...the memories...the bands! The drinks! The terrible parking situation!

    Okay, so honestly, I remember seeing one performer at Toad's. I never got drunk there (though I did get drunk in the dorms next door). But the parking was a right bitch. =)

    Can't wait to see the answers to the questions!!

    • Mickelodeon says:

      Also, I have no idea who might belong to That Ass, though I did see a woman today as I was walking who might claim it. 😉

      • Wes says:

        Ooh, nice. I figured you might think it belonged to one Nicola Bryant... but yeah, that's not the answer. 🙂 The answer's pretty surprising, actually; even I was shocked as I scrolled through the screencaps.

        • Mickelodeon says:

          Oh, Nicola Bryant. Now that you say it, yeah! I can see that, totally. Especially in those awkward days she traveled in the TARDIS, before jumping ship and landing on another planet in another world with Colin Baker playing another character. She was hot then. =)

    • Wes says:

      You mean the YALE dorms next door? My building as a sophomore was right off that walkway on the side of Toad's -- I was kept awake many a night by the music in that blasted club.

      Perhaps because of that, I only went there once during my four-year stay in the area -- and that was during senior week just prior to graduation.

      • Mickelodeon says:

        Yes indeedy, the Yale dorm rooms. I don't remember the name of the actual hall, yeah! I'll have to ask my college bff who went to Yale for her Masters and lived there.

        • Wes says:

          Orrrrrrr you could ask me, since I lived there too. 😉 You're probably talking about Morse (that was my residential college), though Ezra Stiles is adjacent to it.

          • Mickelodeon says:

            Yes, you're right! But I remember there were a few different dorms in the general area. Stiles seems to sound familiar, but I'll have to confirm. =)

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