Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
January 27, 2004
Oh. my. goodness.
Category: Miscellany

TMNT MIB Japan Super Turtles Leonardo No.55

TMNT MIB Japan Super Turtles Raphael No.56

TMNT MIB Japan Super Turtles Donatello No.57

TMNT MIB Japan Super Turtles Michelangelo No.58

TMNT MIB Japan Super Turtles (DEVIL) Shredder No.59

TMNT MIB Japan Super Turtles Leonardo No.60

Except that last one's not really Leonardo. THAT'S THE BLOODY TURTLE SAINT!!!!!!!

Do I have any secret admirers? Anyone wanna buy it for me? *^_____^*;;;

Just kidding; $40 is bloody expensive for a 4" action figure. I saved the images of them, so at least I can draw some and play pretend. 🙂

So, what went by pretty quickly. I woke up, worked on a Scary-Crayon feature, shovelled snow, and then sat down and worked on more SC stuff. Today alone I got 4 articles ready to be posted -- okay, technically three were already written, and only two of those were in need of serious html work, but still. I'll probably put one up towards the end of the week and hold the others for subsequent updates. The site's in its infancy, so I want to give readers the chance to read through the content that's already up before posting tons more at once...but at the same time, I want to put something new up for the folks who've actually read everything. So maybe one or two new articles a week will do, for now. If I start getting a lot of feedback (unlikely) at this point, though, from people who really want to see new content, maybe I'll upload it and give them private previews, or maybe make article previews accessible via the blog. We'll see.

Also need to get a few stories into standard manuscript format so I can send more out to be rejected... :/

And man, those turtles rock. 🙂

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