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January 19, 2012
Now Testing: A Poll Plugin
Category: Technical Stuff

What the title says -- I'm testing a poll plugin. I'll fool with the styling and whatnot once I'm sure it's working properly, but give it a go for now! At first I asked "Is this working properly?" -- but then I realized that one would have no idea until after taking the poll, and by that point one would already have voted. Sooo yeah, pick a color.


EDIT 1: Never mind. Let's see if I can't find another plugin for this... 😐

EDIT 2: Second time's a charm?

-posted by Wes | 11:07 pm | Comments (3)
  • Mick says:

    I tried the poll and clicked my choice, but then the poll rolled up and I saw only the VOTE button. Did you look at the Polldaddy plugin? I've always had good luck with that one.

    • Wes says:

      Your vote registered, though! At least assuming you're the sixth person to vote for TARDIS blue. Someone needs to vote for something else!

      And what browser are you using? It's seemed to work okay for some folks (and for me; I'm using Firefox). The rolling up thing is part of the normal animation -- it rolls up and then rolls back down with the vote tallies visible -- but it sounds like it's hanging on your end.

      And I saw the Polldaddy plugin -- but you know how you are with Google? That's largely how I am with having stuff based on other sites embedded on my pages. (With that, you're basically embedding Polldaddy polls on your page rather than having them stored on and running from your server.) I think I'll eventually have to suck it up with respect to YouTube content, though.

      • Mick says:

        It worked this time! I picked a different color and it worked as described. Yay! Yeah, I know about Polldaddy embedding but it was quick and easy. But I don't know if I can use it with a WP hosted site. There aren't plugins like with a self-hosted site, at least that I can find, just widgets. But I don't mind. The fact that I can't endlessly tweak the layout actually pleases me-do you remember the days I would change themes every week? LOL XD

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