Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
June 28, 2008
mastr yoshee bernz
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mastr yoshee bernz

In other news, two new Doctor Who-related articles are up on Scary-Crayon! And the DMV is a haven for jailbait in the summer.

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  • dave says:

    Hey, I commented on the prior entry on Dr. Who The Library. By the way, did you catch the episode a few weeks back where there was a giant bug (bee/slug, who knows which) and the Doctor was urgently seeking table salt? It WAS the Extra's episode!!

    Also, isn't it more reasonable for the Tardis to recognize the Doctor's snap than for it to actually need a key? Of all the things the Doctor has seen, done or heard about, is that really 'impossible' to him?

  • Wes says:

    Well, considering that it's telepathic and uniquely tuned to the Doctor's biorhythms or whatever, the TARDIS theoretically shouldn't even require the snap -- he should only have to will it to open for it to grant him access. (I guess snapping is a bit cooler, but then he's screwed if he ends up in a downpour or happens to have his hand chopped off by another Sycorax.) And HA to the Extras connection!

  • Dave says:

    Dude, I don't think they'll go there, but isn't his hand in a jar on the TARDIS? Is it possible for that hand to be stolen and for someone else to 'snap' with it? Since that's idiotic, we know it's within bounds for this show.

  • Wes says:

    Good observation! If Davies weren't leaving, I'd totally expect that to happen... but I don't think Moffat would allow that sort of stupidity. I could be wrong, though!

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