Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
May 9, 2008
The Edible Mystery revealed...
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Remember that post from the other day with the unknown food item? Well, it's time to reveal its true identity:

Dollar store stuffing and vegetables!

DOLLAR STORE STUFFING!!! Well, dollar store stuffing mix, mixed with frozen vegetables (last time okra and mashed up Brussels sprouts; here with stir fry vegetables), flax seeds (fiber supplements = win), and occasionally other stuff like fake crabmeat, cheese, and/or mayonnaise. Once all this stuff is in the bowl together, I usually add a generous portion of oil, some water, mix the stuff up well, and then nuke it in the microwave for upwards of fifteen minutes or so -- basically until most of the mixture is cooked out of it and I'm left with a semi-spongy but mostly crunchy sort of casserole. It's pretty good! And as long as they keep selling stuffing mix at the dollar store, it'll probably be a staple of my diet for quite some time... or at least until I finish the two bags of stuffing mix currently in the cupboard.

I've also become quite fond of fake crabmeat and cream cheese sandwiches lately. I got the idea from Boston sushi rolls, which I quite like, but somehow these sandwiches manage to be even more palatable. I'll have to start using light or fat-free cream cheese to make them, though, so that I can even start claiming that they're healthy and low in calories. 😉

A shot of my usual drinking cups.Figures currently on my desk!

Other random photos: a shot of the cups from which I usually drink and one of the figures currently decorating my desk. I've had the Foot Tech Ninja and Donatello since December, and Skeletor has been here for a few years (and if you can see Cubone behind him, he's been here even longer), but I took this photo primarily to showcase Emma Frost -- a new addition courtesy of the delightful Mickey! She'll make it down to the basement and get a proper photo shoot in a few days -- I tend to keep new figures in my room for a bit before relocating them to the subterranean studio -- but for now I'm very much enjoying having her upstairs and placing her in various poses and whatnot. Not pictured is the Transformer Landmine on my bed. I keep new Transformers in my room to fiddle with as well -- they tend to stay until I get another Transformer to replace them. Landmine has been up here for a couple of weeks, though I imagine the turnaround period will be much shorter whenever those new Animated toys hit. 🙂

And I had a very strange set of dreams during today's nap. One of them involved alligators entering via some hidden entrance and attacking me in the living room, which prompted me to contact the Justice League of America for help. Just before I woke up, Batman was on his way and Firestorm was creating an anti-alligator enclosure to keep everyone safe until he arrived. Yep.

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  • Jaded says:

    Stuffing! Now THAT must be good! I could live without the fake crab meat, however. I don't like seafood when it's real, so fake doesn't make it any better. The only seafood I like is shrimp as long as it doesn't have that "fishy" taste it can get when it's been frozen.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  • Albert says:

    I have even odder dreams than you do. Like that one about Steve Urkel falling out of a plane without a parachute. Or the one about the Power Rangers being living skeletons. Or the one where Gilligan and the Skipper double-crossed the others on the island and they got killed by the Professor and Mary-Ann. What the hell does that say about me?

  • Albert says:

    Also, now I want to coat some food in cheese.

  • Wes says:

    Jaded: Well, fake crabmeat is real seafood -- mostly pollock -- so it probably wouldn't do much for you. And yes, shrimp is good, though obviously I have no aversion to any fishy taste that it might have because I do like seafood. Aside from the occasional chicken dish or turkey burger, it's the only meat that I include in my diet.

    Albert: Any dream involving Steve Urkel falling from a plane sans a parachute is a nightmare! And yes, those other dreams do sound very, very strange.

    Cheese makes an excellent coating.

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