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February 1, 2012
Spambots are working overtime today.
Category: Technical Stuff

It's really bad when I actually have to delete multiple spam comments manually because the anti-spam plugins aren't catching them. I just cleared the spam folder two days ago and it was just up to 151!

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January 24, 2012
SC Blog: Toy and Collectibles Show
Category: SC Updates … Toys … Travels

So I posted a lengthy blog entry on Scary-Crayon -- the first not attached to an article/feature, I think -- that details my thoughts on (and purchases from) the toy and collectibles show I attended last weekend in Timonium, MD. I think one of the great tragedies of my life (and there are many) is that I largely despise the cultures surrounding and the people involved with the things I enjoy the most.

My dad often says that I should open a toy shop, and sometimes I think that that would be cool. But then I remember that not only would I have to deal with people I loathe on a regular basis: I'd essentially have to become one of those people just for my business to remain competitive. And that would not be cool at all.

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January 20, 2012
Facebook status messages!
Category: Miscellany … Technical Stuff

I totally need to figure out how to get them crossposted here, because some of my status messages are awesome. EXAMPLES:

Wes... is eating triple chocolate oat cereal with habanero chipotle sauce.

So Uncle Ben's is running a commercial about how a grain of rice can "fly" -- a reference to how quickly it can go from the microwave to the table. Neat idea, Uncle Ben's, but now I associate your rice with maggots.

Wes... just saw a vampire policewoman on the news -- with extremely prominent fangs and the last name "Innocenti," no less. If vampires want to remain hidden, they should try harder.

Yep! Google searches keep leading me to some outdated plugin -- I need something more recent! Or maybe I should just give in to Twitter ( 😥 ), since it seems like people have an easier time getting it to post to WP and Facebook.

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January 19, 2012
Now Testing: A Poll Plugin
Category: Technical Stuff

What the title says -- I'm testing a poll plugin. I'll fool with the styling and whatnot once I'm sure it's working properly, but give it a go for now! At first I asked "Is this working properly?" -- but then I realized that one would have no idea until after taking the poll, and by that point one would already have voted. Sooo yeah, pick a color.


EDIT 1: Never mind. Let's see if I can't find another plugin for this... 😐

EDIT 2: Second time's a charm?

Pick a color.

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December 25, 2011
Happy holidays, everypony!
Category: Miscellany … SC Updates

What the post title says! :mrgreen: I has posted festive images on Scary-Crayon.

Best wishes to y'all until next time!

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