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March 9, 2010
Why it sucks to be me
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So I happened to see a television ad for a movie last night. I don't recall the specific movie -- some comedy, obviously. The voiceover enthusiastically described it as being "the funniest movie since The Hangover!"

Immediately this struck me as sounding incredibly stupid. Wasn't The Hangover fairly recent? I was thinking that the movie had come out within the last two or three years, in which case the commercial would essentially have been saying, "This is the funniest movie in two or three years!" Even taking into account the significant number of films released each year, that just doesn't sound terribly impressive.

In reality, The Hangover was released in 2009. In June. "This is the funniest movie in nine months!" Ugh. (more...)

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February 9, 2010
Jack Van Impe is insaaaaaaaane
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I'd never heard of this guy before seeing his program on television the other night, but holy fuck is he spewing some crazy shit. Granted, it's not uniquely crazy -- he kept perseverating on the same one-world government and end-of-times Antichrist nonsense believed so fervently by the nuttier Christian sects and depicted so well in the Left Behind series (haven't read the books, but those movies are creepy) -- but still. I actually had no idea they allowed this insanity on television, let alone on regular channels.

Speaking of insanity, how about that Rexella? The whole program is pretty nuts, but this woman just batshit crazy. Look at those eyes!

Screw the book, Rexxy -- just send me some of whatever you're popping. That said, she does look damned good for being almost 80... I'm guessing those donations have allowed her to hire a pretty good plastic surgeon. Praise Jesus! (more...)

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September 29, 2009
This is my life.
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I do not know how to move forward in a world where anyone can shed fake tears and accuse me of the most heinous offenses -- purely out of spite and malice -- and others will believe the lies without question. If anyone ever says anything kind about me, I cannot believe it -- not because I think the person is necessarily lying, but because I know that it would take very little for that person to retract the statement and brand me a murderer, rapist, stalker, et cetera: the speaker need only hear that opinion from another or listen to a particular 911 recording. And because the individuals who regard me so poorly are not in short supply -- and because 911 calls are public and accessible to everyone (for a $50 fee, you can get a CD recording of my own sister howling about how I've tried to kill her multiple times and am in the process of thrashing her fatally even as she makes the call; the recording will not include her laughing and gloating about said call afterwards) -- I am convinced that even a person who sincerely thinks well of me will not hold that opinion for long. (more...)

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April 26, 2009
I am not a zombie
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If you live in or around Laurel -- especially if you spend a lot of time walking around the city -- you've probably noticed this crazy guy wearing a black jacket over a white t-shirt, baggy black jeans over black boots, and an oversized pair of headphones. Sometimes his dress varies slightly -- I think he's worn tan boots on occasion, and sometimes the jeans are navy blue rather than black -- but he's always wearing the headphones. And he's always yelling something that borders on gibberish, which is why I don't think he's entirely sane. He appears in various places in the city, but can most frequently be found on the sidewalk outside of Hooters and Red Sky.

Sometimes he is dancing. (more...)

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December 28, 2008
I don’t want cheese to go with that whine
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Yesterday my laptop started making this weird noise -- a faint whine with stuttering interruptions, almost like high-pitched radio static but nowhere near as loud. At least I think it started yesterday; since I often wear headphones when at the computer, it's entirely possible that it's been going on for some time. Anyway, I googled laptop noise issues and came across a suggestion that I clean the fans, so I grabbed my canned air and blew the dust out of the machine and cooling stand. That caused the machine to stop for a little while -- though it could just as easily have stopped due to the reboot, or because I had the computer off for a bit, or whatever -- but it started up again a little later. Fearing hard drive issues, I ran the dskchk utility. It yielded no errors -- not that that necessarily means anything -- so I don't think the hard drive is failing.

Once the dskchk utility finished, I promptly turned the machine off and went to bed. Now I'm using the laptop again -- and after about 20 minutes of relative silence, the noise came back. I really don't know what to make of it! I'm thinking the fans might be dying on me, though that wouldn't explain why the machine is running several degrees cooler unless they're spinning faster in their death throes or the winter is responsible for the temperature drop. (I'd attribute it to the reduced amount of dust, except that the machine was apparently running cooler even before I broke out the canned air.) According to Notebook Hardware Control, the CPU is even running cooler than the hard drive, which almost never happens. Granted, I'm usually running Firefox with upwards of 50 tabs open and right now I've only got four, but still.

Don't die on me, laptop! 🙁

EDIT: I'd forgotten that I had 18kfanGUI on here! After doing some tests in which I manually stopped and sped up the fans, I have confirmed that the noise is coming from the second one. I guess that's good, since it means the hard drive is mostly safe! And the machine is running pretty cool now what with the winter and the cooling stand (far cooler than it normally ran before I got the stand), so I don't think I'm in any immediate danger of frying my hard drive. Just the same, I'll probably order a new fan this week! It looks like they're about $50 refurbished from Dell with only a 90-day warranty and far cheaper on eBay with a 30-day warranty, so I'll likely go with the latter option. I'm tempted to grab some other upgrades while I'm at it!

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