Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
April 7, 2004
Category: Miscellany

So I walked around six miles this morning, snapping photos left and right. I'll spare you the gruesome roadkill shots (for now), but most of the pictures I took were of cherry blossom trees. Here's one scene I shot.

Quiet scene.

I crouched to try and get the playground in on the action. Cute, eh? (more...)

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March 29, 2004
Three photos and a poem.
Category: Miscellany

First off, I've made a great deal of progress on the second TMNT anime review, so it looks like you can expect it on Tuesday after all. It should only end up being two pages, but it'll be two ACTION-PACKED pages, and besides, hardly anyone ever reaches the third anyway. So that's that.

I'm in kind of a dreamy, hazy mood tonight. I think it has a lot to do with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or maybe it has something to do with the interesting and brilliant and delicious concoction I just finished spooning down. Here, have a picture.


Any guesses as to what that is? No? It's dry oatmeal in a bowl with milk, 1.5 tablespoons of melted chunky peanut butter, Boulaine Creme De Cacao liqueur, and Boulaine Banana liqueur. It is truly excellent -- like chocolate and bananas and peanut butter and, uh, some oatmeal. I'm seriously considering making another bowl of the stuff. (more...)

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March 14, 2004
Bacardi is gone :(
Category: Miscellany

Yep, since yesterday my sister returned from Spring Break in Florida, Bacardi left us last night. It's nice to have some quiet again and to not have to worry about him running around and crapping on the carpet, but I still kinda miss the little guy. Hopefully my sister will continue to take good care of him. Here's a photo of us on his last day at the house.

The last few days -- especially Friday -- were pretty eventful, so I've been too busy/exhausted to post much. Hopefully I'll have another Scary-Crayon article up this evening, but if not, then definitely tomorrow. Also, soon, expect a photo post (briefly) detailing one of my adventures on Friday. I'm thinking I might take the entire Friday adventure and make it into a SC special, but I dunno. (more...)

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March 10, 2004
Fluff. And a beatnik poem! And photos… :)
Category: Miscellany

I've been enjoying my break from the rapid-fire substantial posts, so let's have another laid-back one tonight. Hopefully I won't spend too much time writing it. I'd like to get in a movie or maybe do some more work on another SC feature before my energy levels flag and I'm forced to retire, but that may not be for a while given that my sleeping schedule has been way off. So we'll see. (more...)

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March 8, 2004
What the heck??? :o
Category: Miscellany

Light-hearted post tonight. I still want to throw out those more substantial comments regarding Judaism, and give a few brief responses to Dawn's points regarding the consequences of replacement theology (which can accurately be summed up by saying "not necessarily" a bunch of times ;)), but I'm in no mood to do that tonight. And since all I ate today was junk -- frozen onion rings and breaded okra (microwaved, because I was too lazy to fry them or wait for the toaster oven), Little Debbie Nutty Bars and Star Crunches, Tastykake Kandy Kakes and Butterscotch Krimpets, and sweet potato chips (can ya tell I'm not in a good mood?) -- I figured we'd go for another junk-food type post. Should keep from upsetting me further, anyway. (more...)

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