Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
April 16, 2004
Cereal Killers HEROES!!!!
Category: Miscellany

Still working on a response to Mac's three posts (one-two-three) that addressed my previous entry entitled "Why I am not a Christian (in part)". From the part that I've written so far, it's shaping up to be a lengthy amalgamation of my thoughts on the matter rather than a sustained and pointed reply, but it should be a good read for those of you interested in the subject. I should get it up tomorrow, but if not, Sunday for sure. In the meantime...

Fruity Pebbles, SUPERMAN, and Cocoa Pebbles!!!

Yep. Totally awesome. The Man of Steel sandwiched in between two boxes of the greatest cereals ever -- Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. I'm stoked and quite pleased, too. (more...)

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April 15, 2004
Intermission. Birds… Stuff! Cookies?
Category: Miscellany

First off, thanks to all who commented and e-mailed me in response to the recent posts regarding Christianity. Mac, by the way, has written two additional posts in response to that other one and some of the comments that I've posted here and on his site, so give those a look if you're interested in the discussion. I plan to respond to both of those (and a number of the comments therein) in one more big post to cap off this present discussion, but not tonight. I was thinking I would, but I'm exhausted. Maybe tomorrow. And then we'll go back to the wacky and the usual exploits of my life for a while. I was digging through some of my old blog entries -- like, way before Scary-Crayon and this current blog -- and there's a lot of stuff in there I'd like to post again for the current audience. Like really freaky dreams and stuff.

Anyway. Tonight, a few brief notes on stuff. (more...)

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April 12, 2004
More links!
Category: Miscellany

Just a quick post to clear some windows I've been keeping open on the desktop since who bloody knows when. A lot of them were linked in blog entries from some of the people in my links (I don't remember who linked what), so you may have seen some of them before. But if you haven't, they're kind of interesting. So check 'em out! (more...)

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April 9, 2004
Val’s Friday Five!
Category: Miscellany

On her blog, Val posts her own Friday Five questions, which are a lot more interesting than the ones on the "official" Friday Five site. So I'm gonna answer 'em. 🙂

1. At what age did you start realizing how weird the concept of the Easter Bunny really is?

I'm not sure the concept of the Easter Bunny is all that weird, given some of the other holiday concepts we've got going on. I mean, yeah, he/she is a bunny that hops around handing out glitter-painted hard-boiled eggs and chocolates to good little children, but we've also got a fat guy who consumes billions of cookies in one night while traveling 'round the world delivering toys in a sleigh pulled by eight (or nine) flying reindeer. We've got naked babies with wings who go around shooting people in the asses with poison-tipped arrows that make them fall in love with the first person they see. We've got a holiday on which children dress up as fantasy characters and rotting corpses and go door-to-door threatening mischief and violence unless their demands for candy are met. And we've got a holiday that serves no purpose other than to indulge the gluttonous American spirit, to justify the murder of hordes of turkeys, and to facilitate the sale of plus-sized winter clothing. Suddenly the Easter Bunny doesn't seem so strange, and I never really thought much about him/her at all, really. The Cadbury Bunny was always an interesting character, though. He sounded like a chicken. (more...)

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They’re ALIIIIIIIIIIVEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Category: Miscellany

Yep, comments are fixed and active and all of that. I was having some problems with the script, but then I e-mailed Jesse (the creator of Reblogger, which is what I'm using) with a few questions, and then I started tinkering with the script myself (though lacking knowledge of Perl...) to see if I could figure anything out. The changes I made to the script seemed to work pretty well...and then just as I finished I heard back from Jesse. That's pretty quick tech support for a free program made by one guy, I'll say. I really appreciate his efforts -- and I'm sure the version on the site will be updated with the fixes -- but I think I'm gonna stick with my changes for now, just so I can feel special and stuff. If I get terribly bored someday, maybe I'll even try to add smileys. 😉 (more...)

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