Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
September 8, 2009
Fear for mah teefs
Category: Miscellany

I have an appointment with the dentist today! So if there's a freak accident and I get decapitated or otherwise shuffle off this mortal coil, I will SEE YOU SOON because I'm totally swinging by for a visitation. Should you notice your Dalek figures trundling along by themselves or hear the sound of teeth chattering near your neck, do not be alarmed. And if you respond by saying my name three times, maybe I'll materialize wearing a snazzy suit with vertical black and white stripes!

Winona Ryder was such a cutie as Lydia, wasn't she?

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May 9, 2009
Now with threaded comments…
Category: Miscellany

...assuming I've got everything working more/less correctly, anyway! Since the old comment design with the dashed separators didn't look so great with the restricted space of the threaded comments, I've modified the comments layout such that they now appear in boxes. Fun! I also enabled gravatars, so if you have one of those it should show up next to your name. Mine is all scary like. 🙂

In other news, last week I completed the classroom portion of my driver's education! I still plan to write about the class in the near future, since I found several things about it to be kind of interesting. Not much to report about my actual experiences behind the wheel (three so far) yet, but I haven't hit any pedestrians or parked cars thus far. Hurray...!

So yes, more to come. And feel free to test out the threaded comments!

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April 5, 2009
Reprogrammed lyrics
Category: Miscellany

through the streets of night, like a ghost I glide
when they see me they hush and hide
when they described my deeds, they lied
but that was unsurprising

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February 26, 2009
It’s that time again
Category: Miscellany

I rarely get sick. Sure, I manage to injure myself often enough, and other painful conditions reassert themselves from time to time, but actual illness is something that only takes me every few years or so. Well, it is apparently that time again! At present, I feel like there is a thick stream of mucus running from my head to my gut. It is clogging my throat and routinely emptying in my nose, causing me to go through a considerable amount of tissues. And deep inside my chest is a pit that alternates between feelings of heat and cold, which can either be somewhat pleasant or rack me with teeth-chattering discomfort. I do not enjoy being sick.

These feverish feelings are also accompanied by a slight delirium. It's not quite intense enough to get me to act upon the distorted thoughts and sights that plague me in this state, but it's still rather odd. For instance, when I curled up in my covers last night, I distinctly thought of myself as being an insect nestling into my cocoon. When I closed my eyes, I saw the stippled brown casing, bits of leaves, and the branch from which I hung; when I reached out to draw the covers in around my chin, I saw a hairy insect limb where my hand would have been (what I saw was really more like a fly limb than that of a caterpillar, but hey). Right now, it is almost as if I can feel gears turning in my head and thoughts being squeezed out of my mental apparatus like dollops of batter being pumped onto a conveyor belt from some giant... squeezing thing. My head hurts and my ears are popping as if I just exited a trans-national flight.

I hope that I feel better soon! Not that I ever feel great, but... yeah. 🙁

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February 21, 2009
So close!
Category: Miscellany

I weighed myself yesterday and the scale placed me at a whopping 122 pounds! Which isn't very whopping at all, but I was pleased that it was so close to my "goal" weight of below 120. C'mon, Wes, you're almost there!

I have "goal" in quotes, by the way, because it's not a serious goal -- I'll definitely raise an eyebrow if my weight rises above 130, but anything below that is fine with me. Weighing less than 120 pounds, however, would amuse me greatly.

In other news, I took my blood pressure at the machine at Giant yesterday. I don't quite remember all of the readings, but apparently I have either a crazy high resting heart rate or a crazy low one. Not that I was necessarily "at rest" or relaxed, as the way that thing squeezed my arm unnerved me considerably. "Relax! Oh, by the way, I'm going to squeeze the bloody pulp out of your arm and you may faint. But never mind that -- relax!"

Making matters worse, there were signs posted around the machine that specifically stated that children should not be using it without supervision -- yet three children had been jumping around and screaming and pressing random buttons on it while their mother spoke with the pharmacist and did not watch them at all. I fucking hate to see things like that. And then, when she finally took them away, the guy in front of me just sat down, stuck his arm in the machine... and waited with this idiotic grin on his face as if the machine were going to magically start itself. After about half a minute, he looked back at me and was like, "It's broken," and I'm like, "No, you fucking moron, you need to read the goddamned instructions posted right on the fucking machine." I ended up having to read them aloud to him. It's not so much that I minded doing it -- or that it was any trouble for me to do it -- but hell! If you can't read, you should be somewhere learning how to read instead of using the stupid free blood pressure machine at the local supermarket. I'm not so sure I was actually more relaxed when I did it the second time and got the crazy low reading, but I was watching the meter thing and found myself more/less trying to manipulate my heart rate to make it more acceptable. I think I ended up holding my breath.

Anyway, considering how stupidity affects me -- and how frequently I encounter it, whether it involves other people in person or flipping awful songs I've overheard or ridiculous things I encounter online -- my heart is probably perpetually racing. Perhaps someday I will have a heart attack and finally be able to relax.

I hope y'all are doing well!

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