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December 3, 2007
Blogroll fixins
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I just did a rundown of the sites on my blogroll. Apparently many of them haven't been updated in quite a while -- some not since 2006! I'm fine with that (I keep them there mostly as a reminder to myself about the existence of these people, and even if they haven't updated their presence on the blogroll will prompt me to send out an e-mail to check in with them from time to time), but it's still kind of shocking in some cases. Frex, I'm pretty surprised that Omni stopped posting altogether in May. Considering how long Omni had been posting -- and how long her posts were on average! -- that was kind of like looking out the window and seeing Pegasus pigs soaring above the neighbors' rooftops. Ah well, what can you do?

Anyway, I found only one 404 error, so that's good (the offender was a reference to Tamara's old blog, which I've since updated to reflect its current URL). And I have added a link to my sister's blog, Hot Box, so now y'all can visit there if you like and marvel at how the same genes contributed to such markedly different viewpoints. I will admit to being a big fan of the header image, though!

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September 29, 2007
115 tabs is at least 45 too many.
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I've got tons of tabs open in Firefox, so it's time to clear away some of 'em with another fun linkage post! I certainly don't expect you to go clicking them all, but here's some of the stuff I've been reading about recently.

Wikipedia pages open:

Shockwave (Transformers) -- Natch, in keeping with the recent Transformers obsession, I've been reading a lot about the characters. Shockwave is bloody awesome. Figure versions of him are also bloody expensive (especially when they're badass customs), so I currently lack a representation of him among my TF legions. 🙁 (more...)

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April 27, 2007
Doctor Who: Series 3 Action Figures!
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Okay, not really -- the Martha stand-in is Kyushi from the Shadowrun line and the Judoon representative is Rocksteady of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame -- but still. I also dug up my Liada figure from Shadowrun -- I may have to use her as Romana or a native of some new alien planet.

And speaking of the Doctor and crew, the rundown of the second Doctor's Dalek encounters is up at Retroactive Continuity Redux. Check it out!

All for now, then.

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April 26, 2007
Retcon does DALEKS! And stuff.
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Since there was apparently some trouble involving viruses over at the old Retroactive Continuity, I've updated De's link to direct readers to the new online home of his ramblings at Retroactive Continuity Redux. And if you pop over there today (or read this post), you will be in for a treat, as De has begun to chronicle of the history of the Daleks beginning with a discussion of the First Doctor's encounters with the stylish cyborgs. Yay!

In other news, I had a bit of trouble getting online today, as somehow my router got reset and I couldn't remember the default password to log into my 3rd party firmware and configure it correctly for connecting to the web. Eventually I got all of that sorted out, though I'm sure that there are still some values that I have yet to reconfigure to my liking. I have also figured out why some of the older games that I nabbed recently (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus and Batman: Vengeance for $5 each!) were running headache-inducingly slow on my machine despite the fact that it should be more than capable of running these titles, so that's good. Apparently, the problem had to do with the dynamic switching of the CPU speed. Usually, when a program requires more resources, the CPU speed increases accordingly, but for whatever reason it wasn't doing that here. If I manually set the speed to a fixed higher value, however, the games run properly. So remember that if you ever have any similar problems!

By the way, have you ever noticed the redundancy of the term "walking zombie"? Unless they get their legs blown off by a shotgun blast, walking is one of the few things that zombies typically do. They didn't in the Dawn of the Dead "remake", but wow that movie was awful.

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January 17, 2007
Scary-Crayon: The Best and Worst of 2006!
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Okay, so I don't post Scary-Crayon updates here as much as I did before the creation of the SC blog (I figure that interested parties will subscribe to the RSS feed or something), but I definitely recommend checking out the latest article. Well, I don't recommend doing so the way I'd recommend that you brush and floss regularly and not drink nail polish, but... yeah. This one's arguably got more in common with a Wesoteric entry than a standard SC article, as it focuses less on the specific subjects than my thoughts on the selections and reasons for picking them, so insofar as you find my observations and comments and stuff to be remotely interesting you should enjoy it. And then, when you finish reading that, you can also have a look at Molly's and Greg's lists! I like team-up type articles. 🙂

Some other neat stuff came out of the article, too: Molly and I were able to solve a mystery involving disappearing images and missing html code (apparently McAfee was the culprit), and fooling with programs with Greg has resulted in me developing a newfound appreciation of and respect for WinSCP. The piece also gave me a chance to practice some fun new image editing techniques! I'm particularly pleased with the Dalek spread.


And speaking of Daleks, Greg pointed out this picture from the archives, which I took at Shore Leave 26 in 2004. I took it because the Avengers figures made me think of Mickey Glitter, but look what else is in the picture! A DALEK! Actually, there are apparently several boxes of Daleks framing the Avengers. Greg rightly notes that if this were to happen today, I probably wouldn't even notice the Avengers figures as I grabbed at the boxes while spasming uncontrollably and shrieking, "EXTERMINATE!!!!" I wish I had a TARDIS so that I could travel back in time to that day!

All for now, then. Ja! 🙂

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