Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
September 4, 2009
Sentences of hilarity
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From General Mills monster-themed breakfast cereals on Wikipedia:

Franken Berry was very popular when first introduced, even though the initial batches of the cereal used a dye that didn't break down in the body, causing many children's feces to be bright pink -- a symptom sometimes referred to as "Frankenberry Stool."

From Chubby bunny on Wikipedia:

Fish's parents subsequently sued the school district and appeared on "Oprah" to warn about the dangers of Chubby Bunny.


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August 2, 2009 is a massive time suck
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Seriously. Like Wikipedia, reading one entry at TV Tropes leads to another and then another and then another and then another still, and suddenly it's like, "Hey, why is it dark outside and what have I been doing for the past ten hours?!" But unlike Wikipedia, which might actually teach you something you didn't already know (whether you retain said knowledge or not), TV Tropes mostly involves browsing humorous descriptions and examples of stuff with which you were probably already familiar... so it's like time has just vanished and you don't have any new trivia about the diet of elephants or the habitat of penguins to share.

In fact, that's the main draw of the site! When I read about a familiar trope and go down the lengthy lists of examples, I mainly scan for shows I've seen so that I can recall the relevant scenes and enjoy a hearty laugh or a knowing smile. Yes. (more...)

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March 22, 2009
Casey, Casey, Casey…
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For some reason, I find this photo to be positively hilarious. That business with Casey Anthony is most unfortunate, though... especially since she's so cute. Are most of the women killing their kids and molesting students really attractive, or do the hotties just garner the most media attention?

While looking for photos of Casey Anthony, I also came across this article. It's not a bad read, but something about its tone and diction suggest to me that it was, in fact, written by a sociopath... or someone who was seriously wronged by one. Replace all references to the textbook sociopath with "my ex-boyfriend" and tell me you don't see it as well!

I have no clever or humorous closing remarks for this entry.

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March 8, 2009
Imagination: life is your creation
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More Barbie stuff: this article is fairly amusing. Perhaps Barbie needs a sammich? Also, that photo of Brigitte Bardot in the article is not attractive at all -- that's one of those figures that looks great on cartoon characters, but not so much on people in real life.

Brigette Bardot also sounds like a pretty hateful person.

But here's my primary reason for revisiting the topic: I saw the 50th Anniversary Barbies yesterday! I'm not sure if they're supposed to be out before Monday or if the store just broke the street date, but there they were on an isolated display at Safeway, of all places. They were $12.49, which was too rich for my blood -- I think I'll wait until the special $3 price goes into effect. And heck if I could tell you what's different about the face! I'm no Barbie expert, so it looked the same to me as all of the other recent Barbies (and there weren't any others available for comparison). That said, judging from the photo of the creepy-looking 1959 Barbie, she's definitely had some work done over the years.

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March 6, 2009
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
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$3 for one week, eh? I just might have to buy one! Or two, for that matter, since this sounds like it might be a good collectible to have around. I'm actually curious to see what that new facial sculpt looks like!

First Power Rangers, now Barbie. I must be losing it...

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