Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
July 20, 2005
FISH STEAKS! And dreamy linkage.
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And the mystery ingredient was... FISH STEAKS!!! Although "fish" would've been an acceptable answer. Don't know if you've seen those little tins of fish in mustard sauce -- "fish steaks in mustard sauce", "sardines in mustard sauce", etc. -- but that comprised the main ingredient. Usually those are under $1 -- while I probably paid close to 80 cents for the fish steaks, I generally pick up the sardine tins at the dollar store for 50 cents a pop. The cheese, also, came from the dollar store, being from a little tub of "chili con queso", which isn't quite an accurate description of the contents, seeing as how it's pretty much all cheese, but there you go! And no, there's no meat in it! They make it with powdered vegetable bacon substitute or something (which technically means that there were veggies in the mix after all, but in such a small quantity as to be negligible). On to the next!

Looks like poo.

Guesses what that is, anyone? Also, I'm going to go ahead and go through with that new site idea -- need your help on the name. Which do you like better: Grisly Grub, Grody Grub, or Ghastly Grub? I'm leaning towards the latter! And if you have any other suggestions, feel free to voice 'em. 🙂 (more...)

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July 19, 2005
The ugliest of dogs and Maddox on blogs!
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You've probably seen this already, but PREPARE TO BE AMAZED if you haven't -- meet Sam, the world's ugliest dog! Holy FUCK that is an ugly dog. First six-legged puppies with two penises and now this? Jeez. This Chinese crested breed is interesting, though -- you wouldn't expect much from the breed that produced the horror of SAM, but a lot of these dogs look like ponies. Weird.

But that's not the second article I mentioned yesterday. No, that honor belongs to Maddox's latest diatribe, an impassioned attack on all things blog-related. I imagine that some of you will probably take offense at the piece, given the apparent importance you attach to blogging, but (as usual) I think he makes some good points in the course of his ranting. Frex, the point about the "liberal media" is a good one (though it's been made before). (more...)

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July 18, 2005
The dangers of blogging and a mystery meal!
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Hello everyone! Didja have a great weekend? Same as always with mine -- fairly uneventful, didn't get nearly as much done as I should have, which is to say that I got some things done (frex, a Scary-Crayon review of an educational Batman game, not to mention some food photography that I'll hopefully write up soon -- I've got months of backlogged food articles) but not others. This, of course, is understandable, as it would be absurd for me to expect to be able to accomplish everything that I'd like to do in a single weekend... but then again, my personality does have certain ridiculous aspects to it.

This did not smell tasty!

Let's play a game! You read the rest of this post and then, in the comments (in addition to whatever else you'd like to add), you can try to guess what the fuck that is up there. Here's a hint: It smelled even worse than it looks!

Anyway, let's have a bit of linkage. (more...)

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July 4, 2005
Malicious Bitch movie reviews!
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Those of you looking to hit the cinema this July 4th but need to be told what to see because you're too chickenshit to decide for yourself and deal with the consequences of your choice (or for those of you who just enjoy hearing what other folks have to think about current film releases ;)) can rejoice, 'cause Becky's Malicious Bitch column, A Fool's Gesture, has two new movie reviews for you! In addition to the Beckster's take on Spielberg's War of the Worlds, there's a She Said/He Said review of Geroge A. Romero's Land of the Dead -- with yours truly voicing the He Said portion of the installment! Enjoy! :mrgreen:

By the way, if you missed my take on the other two releases I saw this year, those are here. And of course I've written up a number of films and other visual media in the Spectare section of Scary-Crayon. 🙂 Ja!

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April 26, 2005
Crazy days and dead elephants.
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Man, that new job is hectic as hell -- I hardly had time to even check my e-mail, let alone write any blog entries. If I'd known it was going to be this bad, I would've asked for more than my old salary! It's crazy.

Speaking of crazy:

The 26-year-old elephant Ibala went into labor. But her contractions lessened. A veterinarian induced labor. But an ultrasound determined the calf had died. It could take up to a year for the elephant to deliver the dead calf.

A year to deliver a corpse? That's just nasty. I think I will write a story about it. Anyway, you can read the entire news report here.

And now I've got to get to bed so I can be up in three hours. Ja!

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