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October 1, 2005
SC Articles, Strange Dreams, Year 24
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I've been wanting to write something here, but lately I haven't had the energy to write much of anything. Well, I've gotten two Scary-Crayon articles up this week -- The Infernal Realm of Paid Surveys and Spider-Man is gross -- but that's about it. I've been sleeping 16 hours a day and feeling like crap and doing little when I am awake. Meh.

So I was lying in bed the other day at 4 PM and was thinking to myself that since my dreams are both more interesting and preferable to my waking life, I may as well just go ahead and end it all. If death is like a long sleep, then it'd definitely be an improvement, and if it's nothing at all... it'd still be an improvement. And then I slipped into sleep and had a strange dream. I was somehow living alone in this house that was apparently based on my current one, but things were in different places -- sort of like when you play a video game in the special "arrange" mode that mixes up the locations of the puzzles. Or maybe all houses share certain similarities. Anyway, the kitchen was on the second floor, the cereal pantry was in the dining room as opposed to the kitchen -- things like that. But there was no furniture anywhere in the house save a small portable television and a telephone on the wall.

Everything looked grey. The wind outside was whipping so fiercely that all of the doorknobs shook as if someone were trying to get in -- and all of the locks appeared to be broken or loose such that I had to struggle against the wind to keep the doors closed. And judging from the fact that my suitcase was open and in a different location from where I had placed it -- apparently I had packed all of my few possessions in this place into a suitcase; I think I had just arrived there -- it seemed as if someone had been inside, but nothing was missing.

But what struck as being most interesting about the dream was that I kept thinking to myself that if I stayed in this place a little longer I would find out why I was there, though I couldn't remember at that moment. The next morning, when I woke up and began to get ready for work as part of my routine, would it strike me then? Or when the landlord or whomever called and/or showed up to collect rent -- I assumed I was paying rent on the place -- would he/she have proof of employment that would tell me where I was supposed to be? Or was I living in the place with a roommate -- it was a pretty big place for just me -- who could tell me what was going on when he/she got in? And even if none of these things obtained I was certain that I would remember why I was there with just a little more time -- when the wind stopped and the sun shone in through the dusty windows and the doors stopped making so damned much noise.

I woke up before any of that happened. When I realized where I was, my first thought was, "Okay, maybe my dreams aren't preferable to my waking life." But then I thought that they were definitely more interesting -- and now, considering the certainty I had that things would somehow come together, maybe that dream was preferable to my present state after all. Of course, my thinking that things would've come together doesn't necessarily mean that they would have -- or that I would have continued to feel so confident about my unusual predicament.

My dreams last night were much more exciting, but I can't quite recall what they were about.

And my birthday's next Tuesday. It's going to suck, like it did last year and the year before that. The year before that it wasn't so bad, but that year I was in school and some people actually came by to hang out with me for a bit. Wonder how they're doing.

Ja ne.

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September 7, 2005
New plan.
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I don't know how it happened, but this page ended up among the referrals to this page. That makes me glad.

In other news, I went to the local library and borrowed a bunch of books on Marxist thought. I meant to pick up some specific philosophy titles, but our library doesn't have them. I did get Harry Potter and Philosophy, though.

Oh, did I mention? Instead of embarking on this crazy move and losing myself in a new job, I'm gonna buckle down and study my options and apply to grad school. English or Philosophy? That is the question. If only there were a program that combined the study of both areas! Perhaps there is. I will look into it. Maybe one of my old professors knows something... assuming they remember me at all!

I feel more creative already, though -- I actually wrote a little of a short story tonight! And regarding the Marx -- that's more/less research for a book I've been planning to write for a while and will finally have time to work on. Nonfiction. Ooh baby. Maybe I'll dig up my drawings and finish that illustrated kids' book I started working on a while back, too.

It kinda sucks that I'm not working anymore -- and therefore don't have any more cash coming in -- but it's so refreshing to have a viable plan, projects to work on, and the time to actually see them through! Shit, maybe I'll even clean my room. ('Cause it's even worse now.)


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August 11, 2005
A plan, a dream, a photo.
Category: Dreams

So now I'm thinking I'll probably end up in Hoboken or Jersey City, since for the same price that I'd pay for a tiny hovel in one of the outer boroughs of NYC I could apparently live in a relatively nice place and spend about the same amount of time commuting into Manhattan! Plus, while I like the city lots and would probably be hanging out there a fair amount, it might be better to actually live in a quieter and cleaner little town. I think sales tax in NJ is lower, too!

Hopefully this will all work out! I submitted my two-week notice today, so as of August 26 I'll be free of employment ties to the area and ready to relocate. And in the way of careers, while I'm very much interested in writing and would hopefully be able to find a gig doing that, a man from US Investigation Services came by the school to do a background check on a former student, and as I escorted him to the appropriate office he told me about what his job entails, etc. -- and it actually sounded pretty gosh darned cool! Almost like being a private eye or a government spy. I will have to look into it. Can you see me doing background checks? I'd like to do a background check on myself to see what kind of dirt turns up. :mrgreen: (more...)

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July 25, 2005
The NYC recap!
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But first, a word about today's interview. I think it went really well! Of course, I've been on interviews that I think went fairly well and then either didn't get the job or didn't even hear back from the company, so one never knows. Unless something comes up in the next couple of weeks, I'm pretty sure I'll take the position if they offer it to me, but no big if they don't -- I'll just skip town and head for NYC! So root for me or don't root for me, NYC area folks, depending upon how soon you'd like to have the Wes living in your midst. 😉 In any case, even if I get the job I'll be visiting again in early September -- gotta come up to meet the Beckster, you know. 🙂

What a haul!

So, NYC! I really had a great weekend there, despite learning some rather expensive lessons! I'm planning to go into some other details of the trip in a Scary-Crayon travel piece, but suffice it to say that, at least for me, fine dining is highly overrated, as apparently I have a rather unrefined palate. I know, I know -- "DUH Wes!", -- but still. Whatever. So after walking arriving in da city, I walked around Times Square and spent $40 on sushi 😐 before descending into Chinatown to buy DVDs and tiptoe around with my legs crossed because I realllllly had to pee. (Expect to hear the full story regarding that on SC, too... it's crazy, man.) My purchases appear above! In addition to the swanky AKUMA statuette, the films I got are as follows: (more...)

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July 22, 2005
New SC piece and a vicious rabbit
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Heylo! I was up until like 4:30 AM last night working on the latest Scary-Crayon article -- a fairly lengthy tirade against the Harry Potter series. In addition to being kinda tired, I was pretty drunk when I wrote it, but I think I managed to make more than a few good and/or interesting points in there, so you might wanna give it a read. Just saying, since I think several of my readers are fans of the series -- so I'm particularly interested in hearing their responses. 😉

Anyway, I considered simply staying awake, but I figured I might as well try to sleep for an hour -- and in that hour I managed to have one fucked up dream. I dreamed that I woke up a little late for work (not a stretch, considering how tired I was) and was running down the hall to the shower when I noticed a fluffy white rabbit hopping alongside me! Not like a pet, either -- like a rabbit that just dashed out of a hole in the wall and started hopping along. He jumped really high, too -- as high as my shoulders. So when I reached the bathroom, he began leaping at me, prompting me to dodge left and right to avoid his attacks. But one leap was unavoidable -- he came directly at my face! -- and I threw up a hand to block... whereupon that little fucker bit into my hand and started viciously ripping at it. It didn't hurt -- which should've been the tipoff that this was a dream! -- but nonetheless blood was flying everywhere and I could hear my flesh being torn apart with sucking gush noises. At first I merely held my hand still in disbelief, but then I began shaking it wildly -- and eventually I managed to throw the rabbit off, whereupon he disappeared into the shadows. But then I looked at my hand and it was fine, save for one little barely-bleeding nick! I started showing it to everyone I could -- "WE HAVE MURDEROUS RABBITS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!" but they took one look and laughed at me. And so I awoke having convinced no one of the truth of the rabbit menace.

It's about time for me to leave the office, so I will catch y'all later. Ja!

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