Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
August 31, 2004
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So, yesterday saw three blog updates, two of which make me sad. If you haven't gotten around to reading those yet, scroll down (or whatever) and read them.

With SC, I'm thinking I'll forego the mid-week update and just try to get everything I can ready for Friday. So hopefully that'll be four pieces, including the special editions of A Crayon Haiku and Crayon Poetry Corner (one of which I may decide to post tonight, so adjust these numbers accordingly). And possibly five, if I whip up another piece. I'll shoot for five, but no promises. Either way, there should be some good stuff to keep you entertained while I'm gone. (more...)

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August 30, 2004
Jobs, dreams, drawings, and updates.
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So, less than a week before I head off to NYC for a few days. I still need to purchase another memory stick for my digicam (who knows if I'll get around to doing it, though... but I guess I could always do it in NYC?), and hopefully I'll be able to get some job interviews scheduled. Alas, I haven't had any luck with that yet. Sigh. (more...)

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June 4, 2004
Raw eggs in oyster shells with Raul Julia.
Category: Dreams … Meme

Okay, should have another Scary-Crayon article for you sometime later today, and believe me when I tell you that it's shaping up to be really scary stuff. But to temper the horror, I'll probably throw up another Crayon Haiku as well.

So, how 'bout them dreams? I just had a rather strange one. (more...)

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April 20, 2004
A strange dream of olde.
Category: Dreams

Like I said in one of the recent posts, I was going through some of the old directories on my hard drive and came across copies of my first "blog" from 2001-2, and thought that some of the weirdness therein should be resurrected for the delight of current readers. So here you are -- a dream from (I think) the fall of my junior year. And if you haven't thrown me your two questions yet, feel free -- I'm still taking 'em. And if you have submitted your questions already, feel free to ask a third. Or something. Keep me occupied so I don't try to make my head explode with more heavy heavy topics. Please. (more...)

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April 2, 2004
A dream.
Category: Dreams

First off, Mac made reference to my previous entry (click or scroll down, as usual) in a post entitled "Destroyed for lack of knowledge?" Naturally, I don't agree with everything he says -- I may write more about it later, but suffice it to say that I don't think the Bible should be the standard of morality as far as our laws are concerned -- but we do seem to be in agreement that Kevin McCullough's article was pretty muddled and made little sense. And even with Dawn's clarification, I'd probably have disagreed with his point (see my comment in Mac's blog), but maybe he might've given a good argument in support of it. I can't say, though, since he didn't bother to make the argument in the article. 😛

SO! I had no funny April Fool's Day jokes or gags for you yesterday. But I have a dream for you now. Enjoy! (more...)

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