Thus revealed, the creature buried its nose in the tire-tilled soil...
November 6, 2018
Election Day Dreaming
Category: Dreams

So I took a nap and had a dream. A woman was going door-to-door in the neighborhood to urge people to vote her way on a particular ballot initiative, and she wanted to come inside to tell me more about it.

So she's inside, and we're sitting down, and she's telling me about the issue, but as her pitch gets more and more intense and she starts inching closer and closer to me it occurs to me that she's either really passionate about this issue or she's actively hitting on me. And what the heck is up with this initiative? I've never heard of it, and it's designed to protect members of the population with an above average number of limbs, and even as I listen I'm not entirely sure what that means and who that affects and seriously is this really a thing or a belated Halloween prank? (more...)

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August 20, 2018
A Vampire’s Mercy? Ha, ha.
Category: Dreams

So last night I dreamed that I was somehow affiliated with/employed by a crime boss. Said crime boss: Lucien LaCroix, of Forever Knight fame. Just as I wasn't entirely sure what I did for him even in the dream -- he'd summoned me to his 10th floor condo for some unknown purpose; ultimately all he did was pat me on the shoulder and tell me to have a good night -- I wasn't sure whether he was really a vampire or not.

Also in the dream: his top assassin, Mercy (in the dream, Mercy was played by Missy Peregrym; also why are so many assassins named "Mercy"?). Mercy also apparently served as a kind of doorman/guide in LaCroix's building, since she retrieved me from my cab (after she shot the driver in the head; that one really freaked me out) and walked with me up the stairs to the boss's condo. For some reason the thought of taking an elevator didn't occur to us. (more...)

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May 16, 2012
More dream weirdness
Category: Dreams

So it seems like I dreamed several things last night that I wanted to write about, but now -- as I'm finally getting around to it tonight -- I'm having trouble remembering most of them. Alas.

But I do remember dreaming about a commercial for a play tent/sleeping bag for little girls. Apparently it utilized some new 3D immersive hologram technology, such that girls inside the tent would actually see things as if they were swimming underwater. Since it was a licensed product based on the mer-sisters of a cartoon (I think another thing I wanted to write about was the cartoon itself, but I don't remember much about it), the visuals would also entail the little girls looking down at themselves and seeing themselves transformed: they would have the lower body of whichever of the sisters they chose. One was more along the lines of a traditional mermaid, though rather than having scales she had the smooth rear half of a dolphin; another had the tail and legs of a lobster; and the last had the lengthy body and numerous legs of a centipede. And I thought this thing was awesome and I wanted it. (more...)

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May 29, 2011
False hostages and the policewoman chef
Category: Dreams

Weird dream last night. I dreamed cops had come to the house to arrest me for cocaine possession and distribution, but were hesitant to break in because they thought I had hostages. In (dream) reality, a couple of friends had come to visit shortly before the police arrived and -- since they gathered that their presence was the only thing keeping the cops from bursting in on me, they were just hanging out playing video games for as long as I wanted them to stay. However, when the press began reporting that I had hostages, their parents freaked out and showed up in the driveway shouting desperate pleas for me to release their sons, so eventually I sent my guests out. (more...)

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September 3, 2010
Lucid Dreaming with Lucy Lawless
Category: Dreams

I had my first lucid dream! Well, depending upon your definition of the term. I've had those "dreams" where I start off really thinking about a scenario and then enter it, but I've generally been in control of everything and have never lost awareness of my outer surroundings -- so those experiences have been more akin to daydreaming or fantasizing than actual, unconscious dreaming. But this time! This time I started off unaware that I was dreaming, deduced that I was dreaming, and then attempted to do things that I couldn't do when waking. How cool is that?

Okay, details. I found myself in a comic shop, and suddenly it occurred to me that I didn't remember entering the store -- I didn't even know where it was. (How have I not noticed things like this in dreams before?!) So I went to the front of the store to look outside and saw a grimy side street that suggested to me that I was in New York City, though I was aware that I might have been in any urban environment. In any case, I certainly didn't remember coming to NYC (would I have been as suspicious had I seen an area of Laurel?), so I went to ask the clerk for directions. I specifically avoided mentioning NYC, so as not to seem crazy if I was not dreaming and was actually somewhere else.

I said, "I think I got a bit mixed up on my way here. Can you direct me to...?" I let that hang, assuming he'd mention an obvious landmark that would help me to determine my location.

"Sure!" he said. "Just go left out here, then walk left down 37th. Broadway's several blocks down, and then --"

"I'm good from there, thanks!" I chirped. "I thought I was much farther down from Times Square than that, but I guess I got turned around somewhere." The clerk smiled.

I walked back towards the back of the store, now almost certain that I was dreaming. But how to test it? I didn't want to do something that would make me seem insane -- or put me in danger, since that would probably wake me up if I was dreaming or kill me if I wasn't. I decided upon a simple test: I would pinch myself.

Pinch. No pain. Pinch harder. No pain! DREAM STATE CONFIRMED! (more...)

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